Stand up paddle boarding (or SUP, for short) was born in Hawaii in the 1950′s and has now become the latest craze to sweep our nation’s coastline.  It is the fastest growing water sport worldwide where you use a long single ended paddle to move through the water while standing on a surf style board.  The sport is a fantastic all over body work out, especially for strengthening core and upper body muscles.

We offer 1.5 hour introductory sessions for the following age groups:

SUP Dudes! (5 – 10 years)

Junior SUP (10 – 15 years)

Adult SUP (16+ years)

Children 5-15 = £12.50 per person

Adult 16+ = £15.00 per person.

We also offer private sessions for mixed ages, minimum age 10 (Unless all participants are aged 5-10, where a maximum of 4 children can take part in a private session)

Maximum 3 people- £60

Maximum 6 people- £90

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