Kayaking was originally developed by the Eskimos and is believed to be at least 4000 years old.  Since then the sport has grown in to a range of variations and locations such as sea, white water and surf kayaking.  At 360 we use single person sit-on-top kayaks which are perfect for beginners.  Kayaking is an exciting, fun activity and the paddling is great for improving upper body toning & strength.

We offer 1.5 hour introductory sessions for the following age groups:

Kayak Karnage (5 – 10 years)

Junior Kayak (10 – 15 years)

Adult Kayak (16+ years)

Children 5-15 = £12.50 per person

Adult 16+ = £15.00 per person.

We also offer private sessions for mixed ages, minimum age 10 (Unless all participants are aged 5-10, where a maximum of 4 children can take part in a private session)

Maximum 3 people- £60

Maximum 6 people- £90

Maximum 8 people- £120

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